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Primal Spirituality: Blessing & Understanding

Primal Spirituality is connecting to our source and embracing our destiny. It is reclaiming our first spirituality—the spirituality we were born with.

Primal Spirituality Courses assist participants on the journey of becoming on the outside what they already are on the inside—a Being of great wisdom and love. This is the journey to becoming a sun—the world needs your warmth, your light and your gravity.
Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Overcome subconscious resistance to their own fulfillment and happiness
  • Embrace their own courage to be fully who they are
  • Engage the deepest desires of their heart and unleash their brilliance
  • Receive tools that assist them to manifest their vision in the world

Led by Founder and Master Teacher of Primal Spirituality, David Karchere, an author, speaker, poet, workshop facilitator. David has created and led programs for spiritual awakening and personal transformation for people around the globe.

The Gateways of Primal Spirituality are:

  1. Blessing
  2. Understanding
  3. Taking Action
  4. Fulfilling Mission
  5. Enlightened Thinking
  6. Courage Grace

Passing through these gateways, the participants embrace their own deeper wisdom around the feeling currents that flow through the emotional body. And they acquire enlightened spiritual intelligence that has practical application in their life.

Primal Spirituality 1 takes participants through the gateways of Blessing and Understanding

People who take the Primal Spirituality Courses have the opportunity to explore the realness of their humanity from a spiritual perspective. This deepens their personal mastery as a creator, as well as their ability to assist others to move into that same experience. The courses unlock the creative genius that inspires liberated thinking and opens new pathways of Universal Love.

Course fee: R5 950 (all course materials & catering included) Limited space, so book early. Payment plan available by arrangement      Contact Howard Goodman 082 415 0255 |

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