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Creative Field

The Creative Field Project

A global network of people contributing to the evolution of human consciousness.

What is The Creative Field?

  • An already-existing field of collective awareness of the transforming, healing spirit of Love inherent to all people.
  • A context for directly engaging with others in small groups around the world online or face to face, bringing our individual experiences of spiritual awakening, learning and service.
  • A global network of people committed to the evolution of consciousness.

The creative field provides an opportunity:

    To connect with people who are about this work
  • To explore how The Creative Field works in human awareness and experience
  • To give and receive support for the quality of consciousness and service each one is offering
  • To extend the profound healing influence of the universal spirit of love
  • Change the nature of your experience; change the nature of the world!

Ways to Participate

Monthly Presentation

Listen in or view, via live streaming video, a monthly live presentation that generates awareness of the Creative Field by participating in person, on the telephone, or live streaming over the internet.

Small Group and Personal Spiritual Practices

Participate in a monthly small group session for (around 75 minutes), in person or via skype/ telephone. Explore the transforming factors in one’s life in a supportive space with others who are doing similar work.

Enjoy the pleasure of experiencing and sharing greater self-discovery. These sessions often uncover new ways to more fully live into the truest intention for our lives.

At least one personal spiritual practice is agreed to be taken on by each participant that contributes to the evolution of consciousness. Participants, after having an experience for some time in a small group will have the opportunity to choose to host their own small group.


Participants are welcome to subscribe to the periodic Journal of the Creative Field and/or to The Pulse of Spirit, a weekly message by e-mail. Both are offered on a donation basis.

Through participation in the Creative Field project you will have the opportunity to add to the creative field of awareness and energy which this project has the intention to create, and to hold that field for others.

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