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Practical Spirituality One Day Seminars

It appears that our world lacks the calibre of effective leadership required to meet the multiplying challenges and issues facing humanity and the planet. In offering the Practical Spirituality Seminar we hold the premise that each person has within them the potential to bring to their world the calibre of leadership the world is looking for. If you wish to “make a difference” in how you show up in your world, come join us for a day of exploration and inspiration that will empower you to touch into your greater leadership and be a positive influence in your•ª life. The Practical Spirituality day seminar provides teaching and experiential learning around:

  • Original Thinking: How to activate your own inspired thinking.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Welcome the role of your feelings. Learn how creative use of emotion can transform your life.
  • Relationship with the Sacred: Know the value of having a spiritual practice
  • The Principles of Manifestation:  Understand how to bring creative fulfillment to your projects.
  • The Source of Inner Strength:  Find the strength to confidently face the challenges in your life.

The world needs those who can inspire others to a high order of leadership with the ability to collaborate with others that leads to increased opportunities for world service.

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Blogs And Meditations

Cleansing Subconscious Realms

This Week’s Quotation: As you individually let go to the outworking of the cycle that was released through this past weekend, something was established in you which was moving and should still be moving, toward a cleansing of that subconscious realm. To whatever degree you actually let go at that

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Holding the Planet in Attunement

Just a few days ago, we convened a very special gathering of Attunement practitioners at the Gate House Spiritual Centre here in Cape Town. The intention for this time was to deepen our experience and appreciation for the central role Attunement is destined to play in our lives and for

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The Perfect Practice of Attunement

This Week’s Quotation: Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect. Lloyd Arthur Meeker The Perfect Practice of Attunement Lloyd Meeker, the founder of Attunement, teaches that a person’s Attunement in Love may release a radiation perfectly capable of producing perfection, beauty, peace, harmony, joy, fulfilment

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Introduction to Attunement

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