What is Attunement

It is natural for us as spiritual beings in human form to live a spiritually activated life.

Attunement is the activation switch for spiritual regeneration. Once that switch is flipped, it sets in motion an ascending spiral where mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states work in concert to increase joy and creativity.

Attunement breaks the endless free-fall in which reactive habits in thoughts and emotions negatively affect the person, and therefore the Earth as a whole.

Gate House Spiritual Centre has a public Attunement Practice and Sanctuary offering individual half hour to hour long sessions.

To book a session : Contact Ellinor at 021 794 12 97 or 082 431 4159


News & Events

Attunement Training

Learn the Art & Practice of Attunement Attunement is a powerful energy healing practice that brings alignment to body, mind & heart. It is a Way of Being, a spiritual practice and a profound Teaching for the spiritual regeneration of humanity. This Course is open to anyone who is passionate

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Healing Chant May 2023

Experience transformation through the power of Healing Chant We will bring healing to our world by sounding the radiant energy of our spirit activated voices in the magical acoustic chamber of Phakalane. Healing Chant offers a powerful experience for beginners and energy healing practitioners alike. Join David Karchere, master teacher

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Public Talk – Finding & Honouring Your Own Rhythm

Finding & Honouring Your Own Rhythm with Nidhi Amanda Chaitow Working with a Psychosocial model of The Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, & Social aspects of who we are, we will learn how important it is to work with our own rhythm, so we may connect and interact creatively with others,

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An Online Course

Would you like to have a firsthand experience of the Power of Attunement for yourself? Join us for a free, one-session mini-course that introduces the foundational principles of the Attunement process.