Life Destiny Immersion


Life Destiny Immersion One Day Workshop

LDI is a one and a half day training opportunity that provides you with the awareness and tools to live a fully creative life. It enhances your ability to recognise those areas in your life that are stuck and unfulfilling, highlights the causative factors and stimulates new thinking to rejuvenate your natural competence. By attending this event you can radically change your future.

Life Destiny Immersion is based on this simple, yet profound idea that we can live our lives according to what we value most. According to what is most important to us. According to what we hold as most sacred.

Every person has a sense of being special and unique, and the feeling that their life has some purpose or meaning. Many of us feel the urge of a great destiny that is very personal to us, something that only we can do that will have a positive and meaningful impact in the world.

Oftentimes, the fulfilment of this destiny seems to stay just out of reach, never really manifesting into life experience. Or a person may become disillusioned, believing that the deep sensing of the heart is not real, or that it is impossible to fulfil.

Life Destiny Immersion helps a person bring the calling of their personal destiny into vivid awareness. They have the opportunity to embrace the life path that is open to them, and to realistically face and overcome disillusionment.

Participants get in touch with the support that is available for them in their journey —  from other people, from within themselves and from life itself. And with that support, a new sense of empowerment and perspective grows. The past is left behind and the participant becomes ready to re-engage in their life with fresh energy and vision.

This workshop takes you on an inspiring personal journey that leads to renewed life experiences. Life Destiny Immersion is guided by skilled facilitators who have helped countless others to recognize their true passions and to reset the course of their life. Join us for this day-long opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative rediscovery of your life destiny.



“A delightful and playful experience that clearly, safely, powerfully and swiftly assisted me to discover what my core spiritual purposes are.”
— BE, Colorado

“I travelled through a beautiful process, restoring and recreating my soul and my life work.”
— HG, South Africa

“A perfect down-to-earth way of working unclarities out, not just talking about them!”
— TM, England

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Extraordinary Beings

With undisguised Angelic commission Shining through The mundane world Enlivening Hearts and minds Open to hear The word of Spirit Love penetrating Light permeating Veils of forgotten function Purpose filled Dedicated to bring Remembrance of beauty and order Carrying the covenant Of Divine Will Illuminating the path -Miriam Platt

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The Inside Job of Oneness

This Week’s Quotation: In my Father’s house are many mansions. The house is the whole world. The mansion is that holy place in your inner being where you can let these things of God come to rest—the holy place of union, the union of love and truth in you. As

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Over the last couple of weeks, many of us here at Sunrise Ranch have been exploring the deeper meaning of the virtue of courage. For those of us who have an interest in making a difference in the world, courage is a critical component in the way we live our

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