Experience transformation through the power of Healing Chant

We will bring healing to our world by sounding the radiant energy of our spirit activated voices in the magical acoustic chamber of Phakalane.

Healing Chant offers a powerful experience for beginners and energy healing practitioners alike.

Join David Karchere, master teacher and founder of the practice of Healing Chant.

Our Faith inspired stories will honour rich legacies from our chosen paths of service.  We will activate and ignite the power of Love and celebrate a deep desire within us, to embody the radiant call of our Faith and bring the profound Peace and Wisdom of Higher Presence.

Within the depths of the human soul lies the Source of all energy and healing. For ages mystics have accessed this inner power through the human voice. Healing Chant brings this experience into the current day.

Through Healing Chant you will learn to bring a clear tone and creative vibration to transmute, heal and uplift the human experience.

Healing Chant activates the life giving properties of the breath utilising the entire vocal capacity. It initiates a healing vibration that reaches into every organ, gland and tissue of the body targeting those places that need loving attention restoring a state of wholeness and well-being for the individual and their world.

Healing Chant is used by many people as a spiritual practice.

We are designed to be an instrument of healing and blessing! You are warmly invited to participate in an experience of Healing Chant.

Date: Friday, 5 May, 5pm to 9pm
Venue: Phakalane in Hout Bay
Registration Essential: Https://forms.gle/aUf4KubcaDPvgp41A
Donation: R290 per person. Bring and share light refreshments.
Payment details are on the registration form. Payment can be made on registration or at a later time ahead of the event.
Enquires: edl@edl.co.za   |  083 546 216

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