Calling the Energy Healing Community of the Cape:
Healing Practitioners, Empaths, Intuitives, Conscious Creators, and Radiant Soul-led Beings!

Whether you have years of experience or are completely new to energy healing,

We invite you to attend this exciting Energy Medicine Conference.

You can look forward to:

Having inspiring experiences and activations that you can apply to your everyday life

Sharing core principles of energy medicine

Exploring various energy healing modalities

Networking with like-minded people in the energy medicine community

Wisdom sharing

This day is for anyone and everyone interested in energy healing

Together we are building community, sharing our wisdom, evoking our divinity and opening to enlightening experiences that have the potential to accelerate personal and spiritual growth.

Registration Essential:

Donation: R450 per person – light lunch & refreshments included

Enquiries: 021 797 1857    |

Hosted by Emissaries of Divine Light  & The Novalis Ubuntu Institute 

Find Out More About the Attunement Process:

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